Facts About Teenage Drug Abuse  & Teenage Drug Addiction Facts

Teenagers are very serious about their lifestyles. They like hanging out with friends, attending parties and concerts, planning night stays, and anything to do with their friends really. Amidst all this, experimentation with drugs and alcohol is a common phenomenon. Teenagers often fall prey to peer pressure and give in to appear cool. However, they are not aware of the consequences of their actions. Drinking alcohol or smoking weed from a young age may create several lifelong problems as a teen grows older. Alcohol and tobacco consumption from a young age may have several negative effects on a person’s health. While some teenagers realize the ill effects of drug abuse at an early age and don’t fall prey to teen drug addiction, others develop a dependency on them. It’s very common that a teen who has experimented with drugs will gradually move on to consuming more dangerous drugs. This article discusses some facts that are associated with teenage drug addiction 

Some Remarkable Facts That You Might Not Have Known About Teen Drug Abuse  

Here are some popular facts about drug abuse, especially in teens.  

  1. Most of the students in college admit to indulging in drug use. Drug abuse is quite common among college students. According to studies conducted in 2016, approximately 45% of male and 42% of female students smoke weed or consume alcohol as a source of recreation. There are several reasons students are likely to indulge in drug abuse, like peer pressure or social influence. Some students also resort to consuming drugs to deal with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, etc. Sometimes, the tremendous academic and performance pressure causes them to use drugs as an escape mechanism. Studies have also revealed that teens get about smoking and drinking from television shows, music, and movies. Many adolescents visiting parties and concerts drink or smoke to appear cool and fit in.
  2. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration conducted a substance abuse treatment program on a certain number of adults and found out that approximately 74% of them started smoking before they turned 17. Not only this, but those who started drinking when they were younger than 11 years old also developed multiple addictions. These multiple addictions often lead to fatality.
  3. Mental health experts and professionals have established a direct connection between drug abuse and depression. Teens who consume alcohol or tobacco regularly are more likely to fall prey to different mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc. They grow vulnerable emotionally. However, the levels of depression vary depending on the variety and quantity of substances ingested. 
  4. Teen drug abuse has long-term effects on the health of individuals. Most teenagers who start consuming alcohol and tobacco from a young age do not recognize the health risks associated with it. Regular consumption of marijuana can have several long-term health effects, this is why parents quickly seek out teen marijuana treatment. Such teenagers experience frequent mood changes. They face trouble in school and their problem-solving skills deteriorate gradually. There might also be respiratory troubles like lung infection, coughing, etc. Apart from that, paranoia and hallucinations are quite common in teens who smoke weed daily. They often get suicidal. Marijuana also takes a toll on the IQ of teens and ultimately can result in teen marijuana addiction
  5. Binge drinking and teen alcohol use pose some serious threats and challenges to Los Angeles teenagers. Binge drinking refers to the act of consuming multiple bottles of alcohol at a time, which leads to becoming extremely drunk. There are many risks associated with binge drinking, some of the most common being alcohol poisoning, injuries caused by falling or drowning, having unprotected sex that might lead to sexually transmitted diseases, indulging in violence, brain, liver, and heart damage, and even suicidal thoughts. We offer an industry-leading Los Angeles teen alcohol treatment program, which will provide structure and therapy for your teen struggling with alcohol issues.
  6. Teen drug abuse doesn’t always have to be related to alcohol or tobacco consumption. Sometimes, teenagers may take medicines not prescribed to them and derive the pleasure of intoxication from that medication. While some take unprescribed medicine to boost their energy levels, others merely take it because it makes them feel good. Once they become addicted, they simply cannot evade the habit. Drug abuse has done no good for anyone. Consumption of un-prescribed medicines can have many negative effects on individuals’ bodies, which can prove fatal in some situations.

Some Common Drugs That Teenagers Consume 

  1.   Tobacco products: These are the most common kind of drugs that teenagers resort to. Products like cigars, cigarettes, and chewing tobacco are also easily accessible to them through family members, older friends, or stealing.
  1.   Cannabinoids: More commonly known as herb, pot, weed, cannabis or marijuana. Since the legalization of marijuana in many states, the ability to purchase it has increased and made it much more available to teens. Teen marijuana addiction has skyrocketed as the social norm becomes “cool” to smoke weed.

Some other commonly used drugs are depressants, stimulants, and narcotics. All of these tend to have a soothing effect on an individual’s nerves and give them a buzz of intoxication. However, their ill effects are highly dangerous. 

 There are different stages of drug abuse. It begins with a single sip of alcohol, or the first time taking one hit, and can culminate into an unmanageable issue. Teenagers who start drinking and smoking from a young age are usually unaware of the health risks that tag along. Societal declines in the family structure are causing more alcohol consumption among adults. Exposure to this type of behavior makes the teens think it is okay. They are more exposed without realizing the long-term consequences of the action. Drug abuse results from multiple reasons like family history, social factors, stress, or simply trying to escape from the pressures of everyday life. 

The withdrawal of teen drug addiction may have a serious impact on the adolescent. Therefore, if you or your teen needs help “quitting” or teen therapy in general, call us for a free confidential consultation. Our experts will guide you through the process, and provide support to make sure that you or your teen gets to live a healthy life. Our procedures are supervised by a fully accredited team of medical professionals. We offer an industry-leading Los Angeles Teen Treatment Program where we focus on structure, mentorship, and helping the teen follow and develop passions. The earlier you tackle your teen’s trouble, the better it will be for your family in the long run. We’re here to help!