Teen Yoga Therapy

Teen Yoga Therapy in Los Angeles is the new trend in teen treatment. Have you ever wondered why a specific traditional medication such as Yoga is
being used as a tool for treating addiction and mental health issues? The first reason is that this kind of holistic therapy option can help people recover in
significant ways –hence the inception of the practice known as yoga therapy. However, what is yoga therapy? How effective is it?

What is Teen Yoga Therapy?

So, what is Teen Yoga Therapy? As the name implies, it is a treatment tool that promotes healing, health, and overall well-being by working on different life aspects such as the physical, mental, and spiritual. Much like traditional yoga, Teen Yoga Therapy relies on a mix of yoga concepts and Western knowledge of the human psyche.

As professionals dealing with pre-teen and teen mental health, we confidently feel that Yoga Therapy can be very effective to teens, both male and female, who struggle to recover from substance or alcohol abuse. It can help achieve psychological, physiological, and even spiritual healing. While other experts say that it alone isn’t enough to overcome mental disorders, we at Key Transitions believe that it can help.

What are the benefits?

Teen Yoga Therapy has many health benefits that could help the teen recover smoothly.
Reducing stress is one of the most profound benefits of Teen Yoga Therapy. It helps lessen the formation of stress and anxiety, which are some factors leading to mental health problems. Performing such yoga exercises helps the brain release dopamine- a natural chemical that makes people feel good, relaxed and can combat different health problems.
Two key elements are featured when it comes to reducing stress. First, by reducing stress, it makes it easier for teens to focus on their treatment process. Secondly, it allows them to learn to breathe correctly and find inner peace or serenity. Other benefits include:
  • Improved Brain Development.
  • Increase in Self-Esteem.
  • Improved Ability to Self-Regulate Emotions.
With that said, teen yoga therapy gets teens rising and moving as well. Physical movement is vital in helping them achieve the feeling of betterment about themselves.

Are there specific issues that Teen Yoga Therapy can treat?

By working on physical and mental well-being, Teen Yoga therapy can help teens overcome all kinds of common mental health problems, which include:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Autism
  • Addiction
  • Schizophrenia
Just keep in mind that Teen Yoga Therapy alone isn’t enough to overcome all of these problems. It is just a simple tool that can help prevent more severe issues. Other involvement and treatment are much needed to have a satisfying result.

How Teen Yoga Therapy Can Help Your Teenager?

Do you have a teen struggling with addiction or mental health issues who could benefit from Teen yoga therapy and a structured program like our Teen IOP? We’ve made it our mission to help struggling teens from all walks of life through a holistic and unique treatment program. At Key Transitions, we believed that treatment must address and incorporate all parts of the person to achieve a successful, thorough, and lasting result. Our approach to every situation is anchored on our philosophy that everything in the human body is connected.

Teen Yoga Therapy is an intrinsically integrative practice that contributes excellently to our individualized holistic treatment plans. We promote Yoga
Therapy to adolescents in our TEEN IOP, Teen PHP, and Teen Sober Living Programs. Therapists often introduce, combine, and implement these aspects
based on the assessments and goals that are present in the teen. These modifications can be for a group or/and an individual teen.

We are here to help find balance

The mind, spirit, and body tend to get separated as our teens navigate daily 24/7 schedules and changing worldviews. Teen Yoga Therapy is a perfect and unique way to reunite both and create calm through a balanced practice of asanas, meditation, and breathing.

When these different aspects are combined, Teen Yoga Therapy can become a
potent tool to help create, maintain, and further the well-being of the mind, body,
and spirit. We are providing teens with the opportunity to engage in this kind of
therapy during their teen mental health treatment. It is helpful to alleviate symptoms and promote
healing during their stay, but furthermore, it gears them with a tangible practice
that they can return to and draw upon in their own lives.

Does your teenager need some internalization or mediation? How about positive self-talk? At Key Transitions, we help teens build and enhance self-confidence, develop self-awareness, and learn healthy coping skills for releasing negative feelings in healthy ways. We are here to help.