Our PHP Teen Partial Hospitalization Program in Los Angeles is a clinically focused and highly structured treatment modality for students or teens that need a full structured day. PHP for Teens provides a higher level of care than Teen IOP and is 8 hours per day for 3-4 weeks.

Teen Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Los Angeles

Advantages of Partial Hospitalization for Adolescents

Key Transitions Teen Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Los Angeles is a structured and intensive treatment that operates 8 hours per day, five days per week. Partial hospitalization programs for teens provide a higher level of care than Teen IOP and are typically 3 – 4 weeks long. This program offers coordinated multidisciplinary clinical services for adolescents that can function at a minimally appropriate level and do not present an imminent potential for harm to themselves or others. Unlike residential clients who sleep at the facility, adolescents in the Teen Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program go home to their families at the end of the day. Completing a Residential Program is not required for an adolescent to enroll in Partial Hospitalization. Partial hospitalization programs are beneficial for intense depression, mental health related issues, relapse prevention, lasting sobriety, behavioral issues, anxiety, stress management, and many other related issues. The benefits of PHP programs are more as compared to outpatient services in the addiction recovery process and other mental health conditions.

How does PHP Treatment Center work?

Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program is a chance for your child to spend 8 hours per day, five days per week, immersed in a structured treatment program designed to promote healing, teach practical coping skills, and incite lasting and meaningful change. Teens in the Partial Hospitalization Program attend multiple psycho-educational groups daily and receive individual therapy up to three times per week, personal mentoring, and adventure therapies. Treatment is delivered in a cozy and spacious setting in a richly furnished facility and colorfully decorated with all of the comforts of a safe space.

This well-structured adolescent mental health treatment will help heal your child’s mental health disorders, behavioral issues, and dependency issues. The program helps to grow adolescents emotional and physical health while becoming more sociable and even spiritual, as yoga and meditation are also promoted as mindfulness therapies.

Family Participation

Family members will be involved in teenagers partial hospitaliation program in several essential ways. You will participate in an initial pre-assessment questionnaire before your teen is admitted to our program. During the initial assessment, our admissions specialists will ask you several important questions about your child’s behavior and level of functioning. The information we gather during this assessment will be one of many ways our clinical team will collect information to develop a treatment plan for your child. Once your teen is in treatment with us, you will be invited to participate in family sessions, which occur once per week or bi-weekly.

Educational Assistance

A portion of each day is dedicated to education, where make sure your teen is focused on their school work. Our staff is with them to help build an educational structure within themselves.

Group Therapy

Alongside individual and family therapy, our group therapy sessions are often the most meaningful to teens. Group therapy is geared towards constructive discussions, where teens get to discuss and associate their issues with other peers experiencing similar problems. In these groups, teens often hear and take advice from their peers based on what has worked for them individually. Clients also will meet with our adolescent psychiatrist for an initial evaluation and follow-up appointments while in our program.

Up To 100% Costs Covered With Insurance

PHP for Teens Provides Care and Helps Create Positive Life Paths

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Why is Teen PHP effective?

Our Teen Partial hospitalization Program in Los Angeles is an essential step in any teenage Addiction recovery process. It is highly intensive but less intensive than an inpatient stay. The goal is to continue developing the skills needed to handle life’s problems independently and further practice those skills in a controlled setting while still receiving supportive therapy from therapists trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Teen PHP participants participate in therapy sessions covering handling emotions, managing problems and relationships, improving communication skills, self-esteem, and problem-solving. Family therapy, and learning how to deal with family issues play a large role in patient growth within our Teen PHP.

What Teens Can Benefit From an Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program?

Teen PHP is ideal for teens who may benefit from a little more structure or have experienced weeks or months of inpatient care and are ready to return home. Because Teen PHP is so individualized and comprehensive – covering everything from recovery skills to family dynamics to school issues – it’s an ideal step for teens who still need help with everyday life. If your teenager struggles with substance abuse, serious behavioral issues, or severe mental health issues, our addiction treatment program for troubled teens will be a good fit for them. Sometimes teens need a little boost before they’re ready to begin outpatient treatment. Teen PHP provides that boost with a month of intense care that also emphasizes family involvement. Our specialists develop a personalized treatment plan that matches the teen’s goals, personality, and needs.

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Goals of the Teen Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Adolescent partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles aims to give teenagers a structured therapeutic environment that provides the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle. We provide teenagers with the coping skills they need most. We help them reintegrate into their families, schools, and society-at-large.

Key factors our Teen PHP focuses on:

    • Learning to deal with family issues
    • Learning to love and appreciate family again
    • Why a sober life is okay, and how to cope with temptations
    • How to better control your thoughts
    • Thinking long-term and learning to make correct decisions
    • Focusing on the importance of education
    • Igniting passions within the teenager, so they become motivated.


Individual Teen Treatment Programs for Each Client’s Needs

Teen Partial Hospitalization Program

Teen Partial Hospitalization (PHP) provides a higher level of care than IOP and immerses your teen in a structured treatment program eight hours per day, five days per week. Our PHP is designed to promote healing, teach effective coping skills, and incite lasting and meaningful change.

Teen Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

If a therapist once a week isn’t working for your teen, then IOP is for you. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a structured treatment program three times per week designed for teens aged 13-17 who struggle in their day-to-day lives due to Substance Abuse, Behavioral, and Emotional Issues.

Teen Sober Living (Key Housing)

Key Housing is a structured, transitional aftercare program for teen boys, ages 13-17, who have completed wilderness or primary treatment for Addiction, Behavioral or Mental Health Issues. Teens can expect to participate in daily workouts, self-care, chores, sobriety meetings, and more.

Key Mentoring

Mentoring is an individualized therapeutic support service for at-risk individuals ages 13-35. This ‘big brother’ | ‘big sister’ program operates outside the box of traditional therapeutic solutions. We provide one-on-one customized care by pairing clients with a mentor who uniquely understands their lived experience.

Key Companioning

Our companions provide 24/7 mentoring support. We provide specialized mentors to work with clients who need to be monitored 24/7 and therapeutically supported to ensure their safety and/or maintain abstinence but may not be capable of attending a residential inpatient program.

Experienced Team of Teen Experts

Frequently Asked Questions

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The partial hospitalization program is abbreviated as PHP. This kind of intense therapy is more rigorous than IOP (teen intensive outpatient) but not as intensive as a full inpatient or residential rehab. Partial hospitalization necessitates more stays and treatments per week than IOP. This commitment is similar to a residential treatment program; however, unlike traditional rehab, the patient in a PHP program does not live at the institution during treatment. They have the option of choosing their own living arrangements.

PHP for Teens is covered by most PPO insurance policies. If your insurance policy does not cover the Teen Partial Hospitalization Program, the costs are typically a few hundred dollars per day.

Our Los Angeles Teen Partial Hospitalization Program is 8 hours, 5 days per week, and typically lasts three to four weeks. The adolescent returns home each day.

Call us to confidentially speak with one of our professionals about our Teen IOP and partial hospitalization program for adolescents. We'll help determine what path is best for your struggling teen.

The time commitment is the major difference between PHP and IOP. A few hours can significantly affect the level of support, responsibility, and opportunity for reversal. In the end, the following factors will determine whether PHP or IOP is best for you:

  • The intensity and severity of your teenagers issues
  • The level of care necessary for your teenager
  • The teenagers current state

Yes, our Teen Partial Hospitalization Program provides care during the day with organized support and therapy where clients return home at the end of the day. Activities are typically held throughout the day, five days a week.

Yes, Key Transitions Teen Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Los Angeles is an organized and intense treatment program that runs for eight hours five days a week.

According to research, PHPs alleviate the symptoms of drug use disorders and mental health issues significantly and at a lower cost than inpatient or residential treatment.

Regardless of gender, our PHP program is available for every teen.

To reach our center from the Museum of Arts, It will take you 15-20mins (6.1miles) from a car/cab, or a train from Santa Monica to Wilshire will take you 33-40 mins. Contact us for more information or Directions.