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Teen Opioid Addiction

An opioid is a substance that is used to calm moderate to severe pain. It is extracted from the poppy seed and serves medical purposes. Opioids include several medicines, like morphine and fentanyl. The medical use of opioids can help people numb pain, but various illegal opioids like heroin can lead to dependence on the drug and can even cause death.

What is Teen Opioid Addiction?

The prolonged non-medical use of opioids leads to opioid addiction. When a teen abuses opioids it will most often lead to a teen opioid addiction, because of how addictive this substance is.  It overtakes the mind and the teen typically needs an adolescent opiate addiction treatment program to get clean. The consumption of opioids creates a feeling of euphoria in the consumer, and it leads to the creation of feel-good “high” “euphoric” hormones in the consumer’s brain. Because of this, people get addicted to using opioids for feeling good and numbing the pain. Unfortunately, Teen Opioid addiction is on the rise in Los Angeles, and teens are usually at a high risk of developing this addiction after just one use. Teen Opioid addiction increases with the regular consumption of opioids because the consumer’s tolerance towards the drug increases with time, and as a result, the consumer increases the intake of the drug to reach a stage where he does not feel any pain and reaches the temporary high level.

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What Causes Teen Opioid Addiction?

The dependence on opioids is a severe issue as it leads to various health problems like difficulty in breathing, social issues, dependency, and depression. For some reason in Los Angeles, opioids are pretty widely available if your teen is in the wrong crowds. Opioids such as heroin are highly addictive, and teens can quickly develop a dependence on the drug even with minimal use. This teen opioid addiction can lead to minor health issues initially, but prolonged use can also cause death. If you or a teen you know needs adolescent opiate addiction treatment, contact us immediately for a free and confidential consultation with a teen opioid addiction expert.

As per the data provided by the World Health Organization, worldwide, about 0.5 million deaths are because of drug use. Over 70 percent of these deaths are related to opioids, with over 30 percent of those deaths being caused by overdose.

In the USA, the number of people dying from opioid overdose increased by 120 percent between 2010 and 2018. For Los Angeles teens, and adolescents nationwide, Covid-19 and the lockdown accelerated this further in 2020.

Risks Associated With Opioid Overuse

  • Increased dependence on the drug.
  • Not being able to interact with people without consuming opioids.
  • The overuse of opioids, most times, also causes depression in teens.
  • Difficulty in breathing is a primary side effect of overuse of the drug.
  • People with opioid addiction often have difficulties in remembering things. They forget things quickly.
  • Using opioids increases the consumer’s heart rate. As a result, people who consume these drugs are at a high risk of stroke.

Treatment of Teen Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction in teens, as well as adults, is curable. There are effective teen treatment programs that can help teens struggling, get back on track. Decrease the dependence on the drug, and ultimately helping the adolescent find their passions, and be okay being sober.

It is essential to protect these teens from the trap of drug abuse leading to addiction. Teen Opioid addiction needs to be treated immediately with utmost care. Before beginning any therapy, it’s often suggested your teen go through a teen opioid abuse treatment or teen partial hospitalization program (Teen PHP) which provides structure and care for the teen.

Treatment varies from person to person, but it may include discontinuing or decreasing the drug. Proper supervision, structure and guidance are required while treating a teen with opioid addiction. Various counseling sessions, as well as therapies, are essential to help the teen in overcoming the addiction.

What are the possible withdrawal symptoms?

Once the teen stops consuming opioids, physical and mental effects arise, which are known as withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is unpleasant, and it creates a powerful urge to go back to drug consumption. With proper guidance from a doctor, you can overcome these barriers in your transition journey.

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Teen Opioid Withdrawal Side Effects Include:

  • Reduction in appetite: As a result of discontinuing the consumption of opioids, people often feel less hungry. They don’t wish to eat anything, be it fruits, veggies, or even their favorite appetizers. Mood changes such as feeling sad, elated, and frustrated-all within a few minutes. One of the most common withdrawal symptoms is feeling sad and frustrated. People get irritated easily.
  • Nausea and vomiting: Vomiting after eating or even without eating anything also is a common withdrawal symptom.
  • Fatigue: The discontinuation of the drug causes fatigue because the body craves the temporary high or the eureka moments that occur after consuming the drug.
  • Insomnia: People who use opioids before sleeping often have a hard time going to bed. The sleep cycle gets disrupted. Sweating is also one withdrawal symptom that many people face once they start on the journey of making this healthy transition.

How Can Key Transitions Help Teens Overcome Opioid Addiction?

Our staff at Key Transitions is a team of highly-skilled, passionate, and dedicated clinical professionals who have made it their mission in life to help struggling teens overcome their dependence on opioids. Our Teen Treatment Program and transitional mentorship programs help teens and young adults make healthy transitions in their life after getting sober.

After your teen gets clean from opioids, we provide structure and mentorship to the teen’s life. At critical points throughout and after the withdrawal process, our staff will act as guides, and try to understand the root cause of the addiction. With our one-on-one teen therapy, group therapy, family therapy sessions, and mentorship, we help teens overcome their dependence on drugs – focusing on the why, and helping them build towards living a prosperous and fulfilling life.

The dedicated clinical professionals and staff members at Key Transitions ensure that our clients know that we care about them. We assist our clients via texts and emails outside of therapy session hours, too. Our Teen Outpatient Program has helped hundreds of Los Angeles teens with drug addiction. If you, a friend, or a loved one knows of an adolescent struggling with teen drug addiction, contact us right now for a free and confidential consultation with an expert.

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