Teen Music Therapy

What do you feel when you hear your favorite song? It most likely brings out some emotion, or you feel like you are going back in time down a magical memory lane. Well, without a doubt, music is an essential tool for everyone, regardless of whatever we are feeling at the moment. Because of the soothing feeling it brings, music therapy has been born. 

How Does Music Therapy Work for Teens?

The idea of combining teen addiction treatment with playing and listening to music as part of teen music therapy for healing purposes has dated since early times. Like in yoga, different parts of the body correlate with specific vibrations. The musical frequency will interact with the body to mediate the energy flow, which can aid in the emotional healing process. Musical notes can connect to various human memories and emotions. This is the main reason why music therapy has found its way into the world of mental health and addiction treatment. 

What Are The Benefits of Teen Music Therapy?

Several studies prove and support that music therapy helps people ease the symptoms and burdens of mental illnesses. Again, the common symptoms include depression, anxiety, seasonal disorder, and substance abuse. Music connects with people giving a mixture of feelings and emotions. There’s a particular musical genre to fit a specific mood. Some can be energizing, while some are relaxing. Other benefits include:

  • Encourages positive changes in mood and well-being
  • Allows people to be more creative and imaginative
  • Increased motivation
  • Creates stronger connections with other people
  • Eases the foul mood caused by depression and anxiety
  • Promotes the safe and successful emotional release

Are there specific issues that Teen Yoga Therapy can treat?

By working on physical and mental well-being, Teen Yoga therapy can help teens overcome all kinds of common mental health problems, which include:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Autism
  • Addiction
  • Schizophrenia

Because teen music therapy helps adolescents feel more relaxed and at ease, they’re much more likely to be open to the teen treatment process –increasing their chances of successfully improving mental health and lasting recovery.

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