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How To Help A Teen Overcome Marijuana Addiction

After alcohol, marijuana is indeed the most addictive drug among teenagers, and Los Angeles teen marijuana abuse treatment has become all too common. Most users get addicted to marijuana after using it for only a brief period. Teens start to depend on the drug, which requires teen substance abuse treatment. According to some reports, most high school students have become regular users, and have seen smoking marijuana daily. Even though they might want to quit, when long-term marijuana users attempt to stop smoking, they face several withdrawal symptoms including sleeplessness, irritability, drug craving, anxiety, and so on. This article will guide you on how a teen can develop withdrawal symptoms from marijuana and how to help curb teen marijuana addiction.

Is a Teen Marijuana Addiction Program Effective?

Many people feel that marijuana is not harmful in the long run. They think it is safe to use daily. These thoughts are exactly why the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes and recreational usages is under public debate.

Is Your Teen Struggling?

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Treatments for marijuana addiction are under scrutiny. A few kinds of therapies, like behavioral therapy and psychological therapy have proven to be very effective for teen marijuana addiction when administered properly in a controlled setting. Key Transitions offers an effective teen marijuana treatment program that has helped over 100 teens over the last 4 years. We focus on structure, education, teen therapy, mixed with group and family therapy. Our Los Angeles Teen IOP is highly effective for teens suffering from teen marijuana addiction.

Misconceptions About Marijuana

For several years now, marijuana has been seen as a harmless recreational activity. Because of this societal mindset, and after being influenced by friends and classmates, teenagers start experimenting and inevitably get addicted.

Even some parents have a misconception that marijuana addiction is nothing but a phase of teenage life that will pass. Unfortunately, these rationales are exactly where people go wrong.

The constant inhaling of marijuana can cause a severe impact on the development of a teen’s brain. If you are looking for marijuana addiction treatment for teens, contact us today for a confidential consultation with an expert.

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What are the Warning Signs of Marijuana Use?

The primary ingredient responsible for getting individuals “high” is the THC content, which is the key component that affects motor neurons and reflexes in the human brain. Here, people who deny the abuse effects of marijuana need to understand that today’s marijuana is quite more potent than it was several years ago. Improvements in growing, cross-breeding, and grafting plants have led to several super-strains of marijuana. It affects emotional regulation, social behaviors, and teen brain development severely.

However, parents cannot always stand beside their children to guide all of their actions. If a teenager is smoking pot, it is not always possible for parents to catch them red-handed. If parents suspect teen marijuana abuse, parents should contact an adolescent cannabis addiction treatment professional who can help your teen get back on track.

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Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

The symptoms of teen marijuana addiction may be cognitive, behavioral, physical, and psychological. In the following list, some of the common signs of marijuana addiction are mentioned so parents can determine if their teen is having any issue that might be related to the drug.

  • Significant negative academic performance
  • Reflexes and thinking ability reduced
  • Fatigue, variable heart rate, infection in the respiratory system
  • Severe changes in interacting in a social group
  • Stops involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Loses the interest to connect with anyone
  • A major increase in secretive behaviors like sneaking out
  • Suffering from anxiety, depression, oppositional and defiant behavior, etc.
  • Denial when confronted with questions about the addiction
  • Increased interest in criminal activities

Withdrawal Symptoms of Marijuana

Quitting a marijuana addiction could lead to some withdrawal symptoms, which might be so uncomfortable that the addict goes back to using marijuana. This condition is a relapse.

Usual withdrawal symptoms for teen marijuana are:

  • Frequent mood swings, like irritability
  • Depression, worry, and agitation
  • Craving for marijuana drug
  • Reduced appetite
  • Thoughts or suicidal actions
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Restlessness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain in abdominal muscle

Teen Marijuana Rehab Center:

Teens who are struggling with addiction to marijuana can’t simply get over the addiction. When they try to stop using marijuana, they have more intense cravings. The withdrawal symptoms make them sick. Additionally, teens are likely to hang out with marijuana-using friends, which makes it harder.

Key Transitions offers inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that help teens beat addiction. In this Los Angeles Teen treatment program, the teen takes part in structured days in the facility several times per week and goes home at the end of the day. The good news is that family members take part in this recovery period through family therapy sessions. Teens are constantly monitored, in a supervised atmosphere where they talk to therapists about the root causes of marijuana use and take part in group therapy with other teens going through similar issues.

Inpatient Treatment For Teen Marijuana Addiction

Teen marijuana addiction is a very serious problem. An efficient physical and psychological evaluation should be conducted to determine the addiction level and to develop a treatment plan.

Our Key Transitions Los Angeles Teen mental health services uses a variety of individual, family, group therapy, unique therapies like surfing, spirituality, outdoor activities, and mentorship programs which bring a high success rate.

Our systematic

Los Angeles marijuana teen rehab program generally includes the following therapy and sessions:

 In family therapy, the clinicians generally use attachment-based therapy to address gaps between parents and adolescents, which may cause teen marijuana abuse.

Individual Teen Therapy: Experts perform efficient clinical assessments each day to determine a specific individualized treatment plan according to the patient’s needs, which will evolve with various counseling and curative sessions over time.

Teen Group Therapy: Teens get to know the impact of marijuana on other reviving adolescents, and group therapy sessions help provide perspective to youth going through the same issues.

  • Detox Treatment for Teen Marijuana:  If necessary, we offer around-the-clock medical attention for removing drug components from the adolescent’s body.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Experts examine the patients’ behavior, thoughts, and feelings to help change their thoughts and actions.

Look Out For Clues

Teens can become addicted to marijuana anytime. Individuals might experience different health problems, including sleeplessness, stomach ache, or mood swings. Thus, fighting addiction is the first and foremost step towards progressing one’s life. Our Los Angeles teen marijuana rehab center is available for parents who need help with their struggling teen.  If you, a friend, or a teenager you love is struggling with marijuana addiction – contact us today for a free and confidential consultation with a teen marijuana addiction expert.

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