Teen Exercise Therapy

According to the CDC, adolescent mental disorders are the leading cause of hospitalization among children and adolescents. Yet, there is a way to help prevent these disorders — exercise. Exercise improves mood, self-esteem, regulates emotions, increases sleep quality, and boosts energy levels. But not all exercise is created equally. We provide guided teen exercise therapy for our teen sober living clients in Los Angeles almost daily and promote the activity for our teen IOP clients. For teens struggling with substance abuse, the road to recovery is a long and difficult one. Regular exercise therapy can help along this recovery path.

What is Teen Exercise Therapy?

Teen Exercise Therapy is a form of therapy that helps adolescents that struggle with mental health issues, behavioral, and substance abuse through exercise. On a basic level, this teen exercise therapy focuses on physical movement. You can engage in exercises designed for any fitness stage — from easy yoga moves, to intense strength training workouts, to plyometric training for running and jumping. It’s important to find a workout that works for you that you can do consistently.

During our teen exercise therapy, teenagers are more vulnerable with our staff about their experiences. When teens work out with our staff, it builds a bond between them, and the teenagers are more inclined to become more open about what they’re dealing with. After that, they start to shift their focus more on self-compassion, understanding emotions more objectively and trusting themselves as they begin to rise to the challenge.

What Are The Benefits of Teen Exercise Therapy

Exercise has many benefits for teens, including improved physical and psychological well-being.
Teenagers who engage in regular exercise activities have more motivation and generally feel better about themselves because they notice changes in their bodies that equate to improvement. Psychologically, suppose a teenager sees growth from working out or exercising; In that case, it becomes possible for them to see change within themselves in other areas of their lives.

Finding Balance with Teen Treatment and Teen Exercise Therapy

Teen Exercise therapy is one of the healthiest ways to recover from substance abuse issues. When you exercise, you stimulate your endorphins. This is a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good, and it inhibits feelings of pain. You will feel a sense of euphoria and a positive outlook after you exercise. Running, swimming, cycling, hiking, yoga, martial arts, and other kinds of physical activity can help teens recover from substance abuse, and better deal with mental health and anxiety issues.

Teenage Exercise therapy is a unique approach to substance abuse treatment for teens that combines exercise with group therapy. Exercise therapy is based on the theory that when teens are physically active, they’ll feel better about themselves and have a greater sense of control over their lives. Teen Exercise therapy is used in combination with other substance abuse treatment approaches. Exercises have been shown to boost metabolism, which can decrease the need for addictive drugs. And research shows that teens who exercise feel more in control of their lives.