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Los Angeles Teen Drug addiction has become rampant in contemporary society, and a year of isolation due to covid-19 didn’t help. With the situation becoming more serious every day, parents need to take the (correct) action as soon as they see the warning signs. Teens struggling with drug addiction often know how to take advantage of parents’ naivety to exploit them, which prevents parents from taking action to help their struggling teen. With the advent of social media, some drugs are becoming more normalized, and as a result, most teenagers often feel pressure to experiment with drugs earlier in their teens. It is during this stage that most teens start abusing drugs. As a parent, you should know what drugs are most frequently used by teenagers. This article will help guide you through teen drug treatment in Los Angeles county. 

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What is Teen Drug Addiction?

Teen Drug Addiction is a process through which teens who are addicted to one or several drugs undergo a life-changing reconstruction process to gain sobriety. Los Angeles Outpatient Teen Drug Rehab is a complex process that encompasses several different types of therapy and must be conducted by experts who understand the intricacies of how to help a struggling teen.

The Key Transitions Teen Outpatient Program is unique and crafted carefully for each patient. When your child is entering their teenage years, you’ll notice them disagreeing with virtually all of your advice. This is magnified if your teen is struggling with drug addiction. Key Transitions teen treatment facility has different therapeutic approaches that combines Mentorship Program, Individual Teen Therapy, Group Therapy, and Family therapy. Our Teen Outpatient Program works well for struggling teens because it disarms them, and lets them feel comfortable with us. A teenager’s brain is still in the development stage, and therefore, must be handled with specific care during therapy.

At Key Transitions we also have specialized teen drug addiction treatments like Marijuana addiction treatment, Alcohol addiction treatment, Cocaine addiction treatment, Opioid addiction treatment, and Xanax addiction treatment.

Does Someone You Know Need Teen Drug Addiction Treatment?

Teenagers experiment with drugs due to curiosity or peer pressure. US teen drug addiction facts are shocking, according to government data, two-thirds of teens in the US drink alcohol before getting into their senior years in high school. More than half of the teen respondents admitted to having used an illegal drug. The respondents also admitted that they had abused prescription drugs by using them recreationally.

What are the Common Signs of Drug Addiction in Teens?

Drug addiction impairs the brain and body, making the teen perform dismally in different areas. The most common signs of drug addiction in teens include the following:

  • Petty Theft: The teen steals little cash or hides credit cards to buy drugs.
  • Sleep Disorders: The addict might develop insomnia or sleep for many hours.
  • Abusing Other Drugs: Tolerance to the drug might push them to try out different drugs.
  • Changing Friends: Once a teenager becomes a drug addict, they leave their old friends and join other drug users.
  • Increased Dosage: Long-term use of a drug creates tolerance, which means the dosage must increase to attain the same effects.
  • Change in Physiological Features: A teen addicted to drugs may have red eyes, running nose, loss of weight, and bad breath.
  • Psychological Problems: The teen might develop anger management problems and become easily irritable and moody.
  • Poor Performance: The teen’s school performance might drop significantly due to poor coordination and memory.
  • Teens receive many mixed signals about drug and alcohol abuse. The scenario has been magnified due to mainstream celebrities glorifying substances like Marijuana, Molly, and Purple Drank. More adolescents abuse cannabis than ever before due to the societal norms of cannabis.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Teen Drug Addicts

When a teen stops taking drugs, the risks of developing withdrawal symptoms also become high. The following are the most common withdrawal symptoms:

#1 Mental and Emotional Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Cognitive: Poor memory, poor concentration
  • Anxiety: Anxiety, restlessness, panic attacks, irritability
  • Sleep: Insomnia, sleeping for long hours
  • Depression: Social isolation, poor appetite
#2 Physical Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Skin: Tingling, sweating
  • Head: Dizziness, headaches
  • Gastrointestinal: Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache
  • Chest: Difficulty breathing, chest tightness
  • Heart: palpitations, racing heart, skipped beats

Drug Addiction Treatment Methods in Los Angeles

Individual, group, and family therapy has been a proven method to help teens who struggle with substance abuse.

Drug addiction in teens must be handled with high levels of professionalism to reduce the risk of relapse. Teen drug addiction treatment in Brentwood requires all rehab centers and medical facilities to meet specific thresholds for drug addiction.

What is the Role of Drug Detox in Managing Teen Drug Addiction in Los Angeles?

There are several reasons why drug detox is necessary. First, medical detox is the safest and most effective method of managing withdrawal. Unlike other drug addiction methods, which can cause severe withdrawal symptoms after removing toxic substances from the body, drug detox balances both.
Second, drug detox creates mental and physical stability.

How Long Should Drug Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

There is no one-for-all method of managing drug addiction in teens. What might work for one teen might be ineffective or harmful to another, mainly due to varying body functions.


Teen drug addiction is a delicate subject that must be handled with utmost care. All the relevant family members must work in unison to address drug addiction among teens with the highest level of care and professionalism. At Key Transitions, our group therapy program encourages clients to actively participate in their recovery in a safe, supportive environment. We use evidence-based, cutting-edge, and diverse approaches including mindfulness, family system, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) interventions.

In addition to IOP, we offer individual therapy, medication evaluation, and monitoring, relapse prevention groups, and family. We provide urine drug screens, reports for formal litigation processes, and collaborative care with other providers on your treatment team. That’s what makes Key special- we have your whole team under one roof that knows your story and can collaborate to work out what’s the best treatment path for you.

Throughout the duration of an IOP, you will attend group meetings and individual counseling to explore the root of your substance abuse problems.  The group program focuses on providing skills and advice to cope with those core issues. The main goal of this essential service is to encourage people to actively practice implementing a host of skills in a supportive, didactic environment.


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