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Alex was a happy, healthy, and active kid. He grew up near the beach and was raised surfing, rock-climbing, and swimming. After experimenting with marijuana with some of his older friends, he soon after developed an affinity for ecstasy and quickly graduated to using substances almost every day.

His family relationships became strained and he ended up falling behind in school. Eventually, after his parents intervened and sent him to a wilderness program, followed by a teenage substance abuse treatment center he came to Key Transitions. When he arrived at our house, he was convinced he didn’t have the capacity to feel joy or happiness in sobriety and he was especially hard on himself for being behind in school. We paired him with a tutor who worked with his school to get him caught up and improve his GPA. His increased academic performance translated into him building confidence in himself and his abilities. We got him back into his original hobbies, like surfing and rock climbing, which he excelled at. He also supported him and built up the confidence to start playing guitar, which was a lifelong dream of his that he had never pursued. Now, post Key Transitions, he is back at home, succeeding in school, working as a surf instructor, continuing to take guitar lessons, and has started applying to college.

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