01/29/2020 00:00
Teen Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a structured treatment program designed for adolescents aged 14-17 who have begun to struggle in their day to day lives due to Substance Abuse, Behavioral, and emotional issues. An IOP candidate is still able to function at home and in the community but requires a treatment plan that is more comprehensive than weekly therapy. The Intensive Outpatient Program is a Joint Commission accredited program that includes individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

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06/04/2019 09:00
Understanding your Child’s Depression

Depression isn’t just a phase. Depression isn’t uncommon. In fact, an estimated 2.8 million adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 in the United States had at least one major depressive episode in 2014. Depression is a major mental health problem that 6-8% of all teens endure. Yet, 60% of youth with depression are not getting treatment. Why is that? It can best be explained by the pressure in society that teens feel to hold in their mental struggles.

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05/27/2019 13:30
Energy drinks may be taking a toll on your mental health

Any teen, any age, can go into any store and purchase an energy drink. Yes, you may be using them to stay up late to study, or in lieu of coffee. They might be the singular reason you were able to pull that all-nighter that saved you from failing history class. Yet, many teens only think of their short-term effects, the good ones, and not how they can affect ones brain in the long run.

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05/13/2019 15:00
Substance use by age

Research displays that, underage drinking accounts for 11% of all of the alcohol use in the entire United States. Those who begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol early in age, have a higher chance of developing an alcohol use disorder. A study by Ken C. Winters shows that those who tried alcohol for the first time at 11-12 years of age, 7.2% were found to have an alcohol use disorder. Yet, out of those who waited to begin drinking until they reached 21 years of age, only 3.7% developed an alcohol use disorder within two years after beginning.

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05/01/2019 11:30
How to educate your kids on Drugs

Kids will be exposed to Marijuana at a young age. Even by watching TV, driving on the highway and seeing a billboard, or the obvious case of hanging out with older friends you children will not be sheltered from this drug. Data shows that 71% of high school seniors do not view regular marijuana smoking as harmful. Also, many teens believe that marijuana isn’t a dangerous drug because it’s “natural” and comes from a plant. However, with a little more education and knowledge on marijuana these teens may rethink their common usage of this drug.

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02/13/2019 15:11

Dealing with and learning how to get over depression is never easy, nor comfortable, for anyone in this world. It’s hard to fake a smile when it seems as if everything around you is crashing down. Unfortunately, many people turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with their depression, but there are many healthier ways to get over depression that aren’t so detrimental to your physical or emotional health.

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02/13/2019 15:09


Alex was a happy, healthy, and active kid. He grew up near the beach and was raised surfing, rock-climbing, and swimming. After experimenting with marijuana with some of his older friends, he soon after developed an affinity for ecstasy and quickly graduated to using substances almost every day.  

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02/13/2019 15:05

I am a recovering alcoholic and a drug addict who has lost the obsession to drink and use. Does that make me a bad person? After Philip Seymour Hoffman died, there were extremely negative and horrible things that were said by people, such as calling him a “another junkie” who got more famous for dying from a drug overdose. It makes me sick to hear things like this because what people don’t realize is that (and I’m speaking for myself here) I never aspired to be a 25-year-old, going on 26, alcoholic in recovery, with almost 5 years sober.

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02/13/2019 14:57

If you are the parent of a teenager, you very well know the feeling of attempting to raise an animal in the wild. Taming teenage problems can be compared to teaching a wild lion to shake. The good news is that there are techniques to communicate with your teen and make them feel as if you are on the same team. These teenage problems, or “angst” if you will, are only temporary, as you know since you’ve been there once before as well.

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