Teen Sober Living Program Los Angeles

Our Teen Sober Living Program (Key Housing) is a structured adolescent transitional aftercare program in Los Angeles for teenage boys. Located near Brentwood, Santa Monica, Westwood, Pacific Palisades, and Beverly Hills. This program is for teen boys ages 14-17, who have completed wilderness or primary treatment.  At Key Transitions, our sober living for teens allows the freedom and warmth of a teenager’s home environment while providing accountability and support for teens to implement the skills they’ve learned into their daily lives.

Teen Sober Living Program Improves Treatment Outcomes

Teen Sober Living is an essential teen aftercare program and a critical step to ensure continued sobriety and personal growth. As a part of our weekly curriculum, each resident of our house attends school, therapy, groups, recovery meetings, cooks dinner with their housemates, participates in giving back to their community through philanthropy, exercises almost daily, and attends activities ranging from going surfing to attending art museums. Our sober living for teens aftercare program is well known in the Los Angeles and nearby areas.

Teenage sober living in los angeles
drawing room in sober living house in Los Angeles
Outer view of teen sober living home Los angeles
Toilet in teen sober living Los Angeles

Our Schedule


7:00AM-8:00AM Wake Up/Hygiene/Breakfast
8:00AM-9:00AM Morning Meditation/Daily Goals
9:00AM-12:00PM School
12:00PM-1:00PM Lunch
1:00PM-4:00PM Therapy Groups
5:00PM-6:00PM Gym/Recreation
6:00PM-7:00PM Cook/Eat Dinner
8:00PM-9:30PM Freetime
10:30PM Lights Out


8:00AM-9:00AM Wake Up/Hygiene/Breakfast/Chores
9:00AM-10:00AM Deep Clean House
10:00AM-1:00PM Community Outing
1:00PM-3:00PM Lunch/Chores/Free Time
3:00PM-5:00PM Physical Activity
5:00PM-6:30PM Dinner/Sponsor Calls
6:30PM-10:00PM 12 Step Meeting or Sober Activity
10:00PM-10:30PM 10th Step Work, 12 Step Meeting Reflection
11:00PM Lights Out


8:00AM-9:00AM Wake Up/Hygiene
9:00AM-10:00AM Community Cooking/Breakfast/Chores
10:00AM-11:00AM Daily Meditation/Daily Goals
11:00AM-3:00PM Local Hike or Surfing/Lunch
3:00PM-5:00PM Free Time
5:00PM-6:30PM Community Cooking/Dinner/Chores
6:30PM-10:00PM 12 Step Meeting
10:00PM-10:30PM 10th Step Work, 12 Step Meeting Reflection
10:30PM Lights Out


Social And Recreational Activities

While attending the Santa Monica teen sober living aftercare Keys Housing program, adolescents participate in weekly social and recreational activities. These activities are based on each client’s personal goals and interests, emphasizing learning how to have healthy- authentic fun. This enables clients to identify healthy outlets for their energy and develop interests to pursue during their free time. We want our clients to learn how to enjoy themselves with new skills they’ve developed in our teen aftercare program.

Examples of Teen Sober Living Activities

Surfing Rock Climbing
Meal Planning & Cooking Concerts
Bowling Feeding The Homeless
Movies Mini Golf/Driving Range
Planting Trees Museum Exhibits
Skateboarding Basketball
Dog Walking Beach Clean Up
Amusement Parks Comedy Shows

Examples of Teen Sober Living Life Skills Groups

Vulnerability Budgeting
Effective Communication Redefining Masculinity
Nutrition & Dieting Cooking
Substance Education/Prevention Mindfulness
Anxiety/Stress Coping Skills Anger Management
Healthy Relationships Safe Sex & Dating
Impulse Control Family Systems
Values & Principles Time Management & Scheduling

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