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What is Companioning?

Our companions provide 24/7 mentoring support. We provide specialized mentors to work with clients who need to be monitored 24/7 and therapeutically supported to ensure their safety and/or maintain abstinence but may not be capable of attending a residential inpatient program. We provide custom-tailored solutions which look very different for each client’s unique needs. Typically this involves 24/7 live-in care to structure our client’s time and recreate the supportive environment that inpatient treatment offers. This can occur in the comfort of a client’s home or potentially in an AirBnB apartment close by if the dynamics at home are detrimental to the client’s well-being. We can also travel with clients if they are scheduled to go on vacation or travel for work in some capacity. We offer this service all over the country and can have mentors travel anywhere within the United States to provide 24/7 therapeutic support within 24 hours of receiving a request for services.

What Does Companioning Entail?

The live-in companion program is designed to support our clients by pairing them with a mentor (companion) that they can connect with. A companion has lived a similar lifestyle and experienced the client’s struggles but has made it to the other side. A companion leads by example and can now live a healthy, purposeful, and fulfilling life after overcoming their own obstacles. This allows our mentors to connect to our clients and speak authentically about their own experiences so that clients can connect to their mentors and feel uniquely understood.

Companioning provides a unique opportunity for a client to build a deep and meaningful connection with their mentor in a short period of time, as they will be spending a great deal of time together, allowing them to build trust and a meaningful relationship that ideally will lead to lasting change for the client. Selecting the right mentor for each client is critical to the success of our program, as the pair must be able to relate and enjoy one another to form a deep bond of trust and connection. Once trust has been established, the mentor can help the client make meaningful, lasting changes that will help clients transform the way they view themselves and live their lives daily.

We provide 24/7 case management as a critical component to companioning, so the client has access to a member of our team other than the mentor at all times. This is crucial to the long-term success of our clients, both for giving the client an unlimited personal resource for their personal issues and having an intermediary between themselves, their family, and their clinical team.
Live-in companions conduct daily, weekly, monthly reviews to help establish a client’s progress and develop a plan for sustained and continued growth while considering the client’s needs and input.

Up To 100% Costs Covered With Insurance

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Who is a Fit For Companioning?

Types of situations where companions may be used:

  • Client has been through multiple treatment centers and is unwilling to go back to residential treatment despite needing 24/7 containment
  • Client has been accepted to a residential program but is on a waitlist and has anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before going to treatment, we can provide short-term support to make sure client is safe and contained before being transported to inpatient
  • Client needs to be monitored and provide proof of sobriety and healthy mental health for legal/custody battle. We can provide testing and documentation attesting to the client’s state of mind for use in court or legal disputes
  • Parents are feeling unsafe or incapable of monitoring their children and need support in ensuring the safety and well-being of their child. Companions can be called in to provide a buffer between parent and child and ensure the well-being of the entire family system.
  • Client would benefit from treatment but needs to travel for work/school and cannot afford to take time off- we bring treatment to them in whatever format is most convenient for them without interrupting their daily life/schedule
  • Client has needs discrepancy in treatment and cannot be seen entering/exiting a treatment facility
  • Client needs short term transport to/from treatment and needs to be monitored


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our companions are for at-risk individuals aged 13-35 and can provide 24/7 mentoring support. We provide specialized mentors to work with clients who need to be monitored 24/7 and therapeutically supported to ensure their safety and/or maintain abstinence but may not be capable of attending a residential inpatient program.

Our companioning program is entirely up to the client's needs and can last two weeks up to six months or longer. Companions are a great resource for anyone coming out of treatment or struggling in their day-to-day lives that need a constant support system. 

Each Companion's age is different because we match companions with clients on an individual basis. We have worked with companions ranging from ages twenty-two to companions in their forties. It all depends on the client's needs and finding the best possible companion to match with them.

Yes! We typically work with teenagers but can provide companion support for ages 13-35 who need support in their day-to-day lives.

We have a very in-depth intake process that helps us identify all of the client's needs. Once we fully understand the client, we then tap into our network to find the perfect companion for you.

A perfect companion has been through the same issues the client is dealing with and has successfully overcome them. Another prerequisite is the companion must have the same core passions as the client. Suppose the client loves skateboarding and has a problem with marijuana abuse. In that case, we'll match the client with a skateboarder who has a therapeutic background, who used to smoke marijuana but is now living a successful and abundant life. Matching the client with someone who has a shared passion and has "been there done that" makes it easier for the client to take advice because it's practical advice and not just therapy.