Individual Teen Therapy

The ability to freely communicate how they feel is one of the most challenging skills a teenager may have.

This situation is quite normal for teenagers, and individual one-on-one therapy can help.

Individual Teen Therapy

Individual Teen Therapy is a structured program within our teen treatment program that allows your adolescent to have a closed discussion about their lives with one of our licensed therapists. This one-on-one private teen therapy enables closed-off adolescents to open up about personal encounters and issues they’re currently struggling with within their lives. Individual Teen Therapy is a structured program that allows your teenager to have a closed discussion about their lives with a welcoming therapist. A licensed facilitator will be leading this private therapy where personal details about the adolescent’s life and family life are discussed. Through this process, the teenager will have a more comfortable space to discuss their thoughts without fearing judgment from their peers.

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Family & Client Review

"Key Transitions depression treatment has been a lifesaver for our daughter and family. Everyone we dealt with on their team has been so supportive in more ways than one."

Client & Family Review

"Key Transitions has been a valuable resource in my recovery from depression, trauma, and anxiety. I'm so grateful to my parents for finding this company when they did. It completely changed my life."

Client & Family Review

"Key Transitions has completely changed my life. They taught me the skills and tools I needed to stop smoking weed and be more positive. I am forever grateful for my therapy sessions at Key Transitions. Thank you for all that you've done for me."

Why Individual Teen Therapy is Important

Every teenager experiences hardships at one stage or another, whether it be teenage drug abuse, teen depression, lack of motivation, teen behavioral issues, teen anxiety, the list goes on… Most of the time, as your teen gets older, you may notice that there are situations they chose to hide from you. Keeping secrets is relatively normal behavior when children grow up. However, there are cases where this kind of behavior can lead to alarming situations. (depression, anxiety, mental disorders, etc.) With the help of Individual Teen Therapy, patients learn to let down their guard and grow from experiences through the help of guided therapy. We encourage the teenager to be fully open and transparent with us without fear of being ridiculed. Building trust with teenagers is paramount for them to have the courage to speak honestly about their situations with our therapists. In one on one teen therapy, freedom and brutal honestly are highly encouraged.

Individual Teen Therapy for Teens With Drug Issues

Individual teen therapy is crucial to recovering from teen drug abuse. It’s essential to have someone to talk to when dealing with the complex emotions of recovery. A teen addiction counselor can help a teenager deal with those emotions, identify self-defeating patterns that may have led to drug use, and teach you coping and relapse prevention skills. Taking part in our Teen IOP or PHP for Teens assures that an addiction therapist frequently stays in check with the teenager to help guide them on this path.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) are the most successful individual therapy approaches for teen drug abuse. CBT and MET are both types of psychotherapy that attempt to treat maladaptive patterns of behavior. Key Transitions uses evidence-based therapy techniques to get through to teenagers dealing with all different types of issues.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that aims to identify and change negative thinking and behavior patterns. CBT is based on the idea that their emotions influence how people think and act and that if you change your thinking, you can change your emotions and behavior. The most common type of CBT is called mind-body integration therapy (MT-IIT). It essentially involves you helping a student work on identifying and addressing the root causes of their drug or alcohol use while also constructing healthy ways to express and manage their emotions and learning healthy ways to use substances.

Motivational interviewing (MI) for teen drug abuse
Motivational interviewing helps teens recognize that they’re not alone in their struggles and that there are resources to help them. It’s a respectful way to help them explore their issues and work with them to find solutions. Motivational interviewing can take many forms. You can ask open-ended questions, such as: “Do you know your actions were harming other people, such as your family” “Were you thinking of anyone else’s feelings besides your own when you decided to use drugs?”

Individual Teen Therapy for Teens With Mental Health Issues

It’s important to understand that when it comes to teen mental health treatment, not all teenagers are at the same level of maturity, and they’re not going to need the same level of help. That’s why it’s best to get individual help for your teen when you’re working on improving their mental health. Our clinical staff will help identify the core mental health issues your teen is struggling with and help provide tangible and actionable solutions to help improve their daily lives. We offer evidence-based clinical Teen Depression Treatment, Teen Anxiety treatment, teen trauma treatment. Contact us to learn more.

Individual Teen Therapy for Teens With Family Issues

Our end goal is to bring families closer together, encourage teenagers to talk with their parents openly, and have the parents learn to respond in a receptive manner. Talking to your kids about their problems is healthiest when done in a supervised setting. 

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Other Teen Therapy Options at Key Transitions

We offer many different types of teen therapies, and all are created to enhance that social skills and invite progress within the patient’s mindset. During the sessions, teens learn how to reflect on and deal with the factors that lead to their issues.

Some of the additional teen therapies we offer are listed below:

A. Group Teen Therapy 

Our clinical staff starts a discussion during teen group therapy and lets the teens freely voice their stories and opinions. Usually, these sessions form the bond and trust among peers that promote being vulnerable.

B. Family Teen Therapy

This therapy involves our staff working with both the teen and the parents individually and sometimes together. The family will learn a lot about their teenager in this program, which they might not have known. Our clinical staff will help bind the teen and parents’ learnings to teach both sides to engage in more encouraging conversations, ultimately bringing the family closer and better understanding of one another.

C. Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy, also known as Fitness Therapy, teaches techniques that transfer cravings or behaviors into well-being motivations. Teen exercise therapy shows that exercising is not only for losing weight or looking good but also for mental well-being and to fight urges of addiction or bad behavior.

D. Art Therapy

Like Exercise Therapy, Art Therapy is also a proven technique for recovery and assisting with mental health issues. This therapy helps the adolescent to use their creative mind.

E. Spiritual Therapy

Promoting mindfulness can help teenagers slow down and focus on the moment instead of having their typical frantic thoughts.

F. Yoga Therapy

Another helpful therapy to control one’s urge is Yoga Therapy. Like a normal yoga session, the participant will learn to focus and achieve relaxation.

G. Surf Therapy

When dealing with anxiety and depression that causes addiction, this new therapy is ideal for recovery, mental health, and anxiety treatment.

H. Music Therapy

Music Therapy is used to help alleviate one’s feelings of depression and anxiety through music.

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