Family Teen Therapy

Teens who suffer from substance abuse and behavioral issues often have issues within their families as well. A teen’s addiction or behavioral issues don’t typically just come out of nowhere; there is often a root cause. Teen family therapy is a critical aspect of our teen treatment program. Working with both the struggling teenager and the parents can discover the root factors contributing to the adolescent’s issue and help the entire family learn how to cope better.

Why is Teen Family Therapy Important?

When adolescents enter our Teen treatment program, they need support, encouragement, and understanding from their families to make it successful. Family therapy helps your family restore a strong bond with better communication. Without family therapy, an adolescent’s healing may be temporary. 

For long-lasting changes to occur, both the adolescent and the parental sides need to be receptive to change.  Family therapy is an essential part of our teen IOP. The parents will be updated about the teen’s progress throughout the program, allowing the parents to provide support and encouragement.  

 What to Expect During Teen Family Therapy?

At Key Transitions, we pride ourselves on providing the best therapy and teen treatment services that our clients need, enabling them to transition to self-sufficiency successfully. Parents are asked several questions each week about the teen’s behavior and functioning outside of our teen addiction treatment program. The treatment plan our clinical professionals develop for your adolescent adapts based on your provided answers. 

During adolescent family therapy, family members will be kept in the loop on what’s going on with their teen’s treatment. The root causes of someone’s struggle in the family, including conflicts, broken relationships, and feelings towards each other, would be discussed thoroughly. Parents must cooperate with this process to help the teens undergoing treatment succeed in their healing. Though the phase could be challenging, it is also a unique and rewarding journey. 

The Importance of Family During Teen Therapy? 

Key Transitions knows the importance of a family’s support during a teen’s journey towards healing. Rebuilding healthy family relationships will help secure a teen’s long-lasting recovery. Teen family therapy is for both males and females. Any adolescent in our Teen Intensive Outpatient Program, Teen Partial Hospitalization Program (Teen PHP), or Teen Sober Living Programs will also be taking part in Family therapy sessions with a therapist so that your teen can get the best mental health treatment.

 Let Key Transitions Help Your Teen and Your Family

The family involvement in teen mental health treatment is significant. Your presence makes them feel loved, thus, encouraging them to pursue long-lasting healing. To learn more about our teenage family therapy programs within our IOP/PHP contact us today