Different Types Of Addiction Today That Will Blow Your Mind
There are more types of addiction than just drugs and alcohol addictions. Read about all the different addictions here, who knew you could…
types of addiction
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Different Types Of “Addiction” Today That Will Blow Your Mind

Types of addiction

Different Types Of “Addiction” Today That Will Blow Your Mind

The disease of addiction, all types of addiction, is an insidious, life-sucking illness that takes control of one’s thoughts and behaviors. It starts an obsession in one’s brain, to where they no longer act like the person you used to know, due to the addiction and the obsessions taking over. Drug and alcohol addictions are a major epidemic in our country right now, and continuing to increase, but there are more types of addiction than just drugs and alcohol.

Different Types Of Addiction That Will Blow Your Mind

The types of addiction that involve drugs and alcohol are classified as substance dependency, but there are many other types of addiction, many of them that fall under the behavioral addiction or an impulsive control disorder category. With any types of addiction, it has to do with wanting to change something in your life or to fill some type of void that you are feeling.

Drug Addiction- addiction to drugs, legal or illicit. (substance dependency)

Alcohol Addiction- “Alcoholic” addiction to alcohol. (substance dependency)

Gambling Addiction- addiction to gambling. (behavioral addiction)

Cigarette Addiction- addiction to cigarettes. (substance dependency)

Sex Addiction- “Sexaholic” addiction to sex. (behavioral addiction)

Love Addiction- addiction to the concept of love and feeling wanted. (behavioral addiction)

Eating Disorders- addiction to body image. (behavioral addiction)

Codependency- addiction to another human being. (behavioral addiction)

Internet Addiction- addiction to the internet, such as social media addiction. (behavioral addiction)

Video Game Addiction- addiction to video games, such as World Of Warcraft addiction. (behavioral addiction)

Food Addiction- addiction to eating food to cope. (substance dependency)

Work Addiction- “Workaholic” addiction to working, either for money or to avoid something. (behavioral addiction)

Porn Addiction- addiction to watching porn. (behavioral addiction)

Exercising Addiction- addiction to exercising, addiction to body image. (behavioral addiction)

Shopping Addiction- addiction to shopping, filling a void. (behavioral addiction)

Self-Harm (Cutting and Pain)- addiction to cutting oneself or the feeling of pain, to feel. (behavioral addiction)

Tattoo Addiction- addiction to getting tattoos. (behavioral addiction)

Spiritual Obsession- addiction to religion. (behavioral addiction)

Kleptomania- addiction/obsession with stealing. (impulsive control disorder)

Pyromania- addiction/obsession with setting fires. (impulsive control disorder)

There are hundreds of other types of addiction, but there are just too many to specifically mention. Luckily, there are hundreds of 12-step fellowships there to help you recover from your addiction, and treatment options that will not only help you recover, but give you information and knowledge on your addiction.

Addiction Help

Although not all of these types of addiction need a medical detox, there is still treatment available to you, all you have to do is recognize the problem and ask for help. Key Transitions offers thousands of resources to those who are struggling with addiction issues, and we want to be there to help every step of the way. Suffering from any type of addiction is no way to live, so by getting and asking for help, you take your first step to changing your life for the better. For more information on addiction help, leave a confidential message or call an addiction specialist at 800.421.4364 today.

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