Sarah Etman - Key Transitions
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Sarah Etman

Sarah Etman

Life Coaching and Parent Educator, Sarah Etman As a family communications specialist Sarah Etman has had extensive experience working with adults, adolescents, and children who are seeking to resolve various types of family and personal conflicts. Her expertise lies in her ability to help families and individuals come to terms with their problems and connect more effectively.

Sarah has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from California State University. She is an Egyptian-American who grew up in Southern California and moved to Cairo with her husband and children in 2011. Sarah has successfully coached families and individuals in the U.S and Egypt.

She continued her education while raising her 4 children.  Sarah is a certified Life Coach from the Institute of Orange County, California, ICF International Coaching Federation.  Compassionate Communication in California and London.  And is in the process of completely the 3 Principles: Mind, Consciousness, and Thought in London.

In Parenting, Sarah has coached families’ in-group and individual settings to assess needs, build coping strategies and advocated for improved use of community resources and family support. Teaching parents the definition of Empathy and practice. Understanding the importance of feelings and needs of both the child and the parent.

In Life Coaching, she assists clients in developing realistic goals and life plans. Motivating individuals to make positive, life altering changes.  Life Coaching with young adults.  Empowering teenagers with emotional intelligence and true self- expression.  Connecting to themselves and others: teachers, peers and parents.  Tracking the clients’ progress and maintenance.

Sarah works in both one-to-one and group sessions/workshops in schools and private office. Life Coaching is not therapy or counseling, it is the process of uncovering and discovery of your own personal path.  Her parenting is not a technique or giving advice.  Simply a mentality shift using communication tools and the use of emotional intelligence to better helps your journey as a parent.

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