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Established in 2014, we have been fortunate to work with hundreds of adolescents and young adults. Key Transitions uses proven custom tailored techniques which help clients nurture that ability, opening the window to new progressive experiences.
We were your kid.
We met while serving on the board of a non-profit. We forged an instant connection upon realizing we both grew up in Los Angeles and were sent to therapeutic programs during our High School years. We understood the importance of how mentors and aftercare programs benefited our own transformation in overcoming personal struggles. Our goal in developing Key Transitions was to create programs that gave teens and young adults the guidance they needed to draw on their own strengths and realize their potential to live fulfilling, happy lives. Based on our own experiences, we believe that everyone has the ability to change if given the proper structure and connection.
– Ryan Blivas & Evan Powell
Founders of Key Transitions
«The Key Team truly understands their clients and their family’s needs. That is why they are so effective at what they do».
– Dr. Jessica Romeyn
Founder Romeyn Collective
«Key’s Treatment provides a solid and clear path to recovery».
– Dr. Charles Sophy
«The Key Team understands the challenges of transitioning home from treatment, and provides much needed support and guidance to the young person as well as to the parents and family».
– Dr. Teri Solicheck
Educational Consultant
Ryan Blivas, founder
Evan Powell, founder
Ace Saltzberg
Steve Vital
Eliza Monteverdi
Zander Albright
Keri Johnson
Tyler Forte
Christiana Grolitsch
Jake Solomon
Jessica Fishel
Morgan Beard
Steve Shortall
Rob Young
Julia Hazard
Paul Warble
Kellie Ashley
Dagem Asfaw
Clayton Gress
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