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Key Transitions is an individualized, adolescent and young adult transition-focused company. Our programs, Key Mentoring and Key Housing, are designed for the individual who struggles with behavioral, mental health, and substance use issues.

Key Mentoring

Individualized mentoring and life skills programs.
Los Angeles & Colorado

Key Housing

Adolescent Structured Housing providing academic and emotional support.
Los Angeles

Key Transitions provides individualized recovery services for adolescents and young adults. Our program facilitates each client’s development toward finding their greater purpose and successfully identifying their goals. Clients are encouraged to explore their interests while simultaneously developing key life skills. We work with clients in variable blocks of time, monitoring progress. As clients gain purpose, independence and community, we titrate his or her program hours to directly meet their needs. Clients are provided a developmentally focused, individualized program, with engaging services, goal planning and a precise agenda for a successful future.

The Key Method

Key Transitions mentoring and housing programs follow the Key Method Philosophy. The Key Method prepares adolescents and young adults for their transition into a meaningful life through an individualized process, navigating their focus on establishing goals and participating in productive activities. Our effective approach involves five phases that consist of experiential activities to provide the delivery of coordinated and purpose-driven opportunities.

Engage clients through passion development, purpose-centered planning, and a focus on their future.
Identify client strengths to enable the pursuit of goals and finding purpose in their lives.
Assist in developing problem solving methods, decision making, and responsibility.
Support the discovery of like-minded peers to form community.
Enhance life skills to assist in achieving greater self- sufficiency, efficacy, independence, and confidence.